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1 Troop Singapore

18th February/April 1968 - Aden
Lt. Richard Oliver took troop to Aden, to cover the withdrawal, supporting 40 Cdo RM.
1968 - Exercise Lath
Set-up Services for 17 Division HQ.

Troop Built: Waref Tapai School & Ulu Sat School.

Wakaf Tapai School

This timber & corrugated galvanised iron construction, had originally been obtained as a MACC contribution, to a combined UK/US Phillipines exercise, scheduled for May, but was cancelled.
In the last week, the troop held a Cinema show and the whole village turned out to watch.
Evening entertainment was the great Sport of Frog Racing.
Ulu Sat School
Ulu Sat School Designed by Lt Oliver) was built, to avoid children walking 2 miles to a school, folowing two children being killed and eaten by a Tiger.

A similar design to Waref Tapai School, but smaller.
All components and Troop had to be flown into the clearing by helicopter, there being no roadway to this remote Kampoong.
This School greatly improved the village.
13th July 1968
The GOC - 17th Division Major-General AG Patterson DSO,OBE,MC flew back to the exercise area, to attend the Opening Ceremonies for each School Site.
Mid July - Mid August 1968 - Exercise Inner Circle
This involved troops from 59 Field Sqn and 11 Indep Sqn, moving in circles around 13 tasks, which involved Field Engineering and Infantry Roles.
During this exercise - S/Sgt Vowles of 59 Sqn, moving through thick high grass, was unable to see the entrance to a Tin Mine Shaft, fell down the very narrow shaft, he never fully recovered from this accident and was flown home to the UK.
20th September 1968 - Exercise Coral Sands

The Squadron (less 2 Troop) boarded HMS Intrepid to support 3 Cdo Brigade
40 Cdo RM + 1 Troop
42 Cdo RM + 3 Troop
29 Light Battery, 59 Field Sqn, Logistics of 3 Cdo Brigade, boarded a fleet of Naval ships.
The fleet sailed from Singapore, via the Torres Strait, past the Great Barrier Reef to Shoalwater Bay, near Rockhampton.
An opposed Amphibious Assault Landing took place, with Gurkha as the enemy.
The Squadron transfered to HMS Bulwark close to shore near Shoalwater, then boarded 18 Wessex helicopters to take place in the landings.
Squadron Tasks included: Combat Support and construction of tracks and hoverways.
Support Troop were embarked on LSL Sir Galahad and provided a Simulation & Engineer team for the control staff.
After the exercise, the Squadron sailed round to Brisbane for R&R, 10 days to relax on the Beach or in the Surfers Paradise Club.
Arrived back in Singapore for early November.
1st Dec 1968 - 31st Jan 1969 - Bukat Mendi
Under command of CRE Division - Malaya District, 59 Field Sqn, 54 Field Sqn, 11 Indep Sqn, and 67 Gurkha Sqn, participate in a MACC project.
This was to construct a main access road, housing for Settlers and a large Oil-palm cultivation complex, totalling 30,000 acres.
It is believed that 11 Indep Sqn built the huts, 3 Troop worked on the site from March - May and were relieved by 1 Troop from May - July.
The Troops lived in the huts (once built, which would later become part of the village for the Settlers.
February 1969 - Hong Kong
59 Sqn, 54 Sqn, 11 Sqn, 67 Sqn & 68 Sqn became involved in building the Luk Keng Road.
This was built to give access to Starling Inlet, in the extreme North East of the Territories.
The 4 mile route required demanding Cut & Fill, the construction of many culverts and a considerable amount of rock blasting.
The work was carried out over 3 years, though 54 remained the Heavy Plant Support Sqn, it was re-titled 54 (HK) Support Squadron.
February 1970 -Brigade Commander Parade
Lt JM Wyatt, S/Sgt George Baker & Sgt Taff Ree, headed the Troop for the Inspection by Brigadier P. Whitley OBE
1970 - Exercise Bersatu Padu
The whole Squadron took part in this large exercise - The Squadron, plus the Commando Brigade, hunted the 'enemy' (42 Cdo RM + 3 Troop) who were living in a remote forest.

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